From his real name Kokou Aimé Baggio PORPORTY, Baggio a.k.a. Le Male is a Togolese rapper who made his debut in 2018 in the music arena under the leadership of producer Parfait Avosse’s Filozofik Music label.
He connects from the first releases many successful songs. The Prince d’Agoè immediately attracted a loyal fanbase, commonly known as “Les Populaires”. Several times nominated in awards and recognition ceremonies, he is the winner of “Gnadoe Upcoming Artist”.

The warm-up quickly turned into a finalist. “I recognize” that the environment is tough and you will have to work twice as hard to carve out a place without eternally remaining in the shadows. Before any “Celebration” the Prince of Agoè All Stars with his humility must respect and pay homage to the deans who fought, to the precursors of the Hip Hop movement in which he finds himself as “Morona”. Done in this way, “Life” has many surprises in store and respect for the birthright is the key to human success: “It’s real”, since “Everything is paid for here below”. The Hustler sometimes likes to let loose on soft melodies with the taste of “Toffee” and can make you move on “Jankoliko”, such is his trademark.

In July 2022, Sound Paradise Group makes a resounding comeback with “Invincible”, a title that goes into minds and hearts. Baggio’s invincible, popular folks flock there and embrace the song as their everyday motivational anthem.
Determine to succeed Baggio and his fans go into a crazy excitement “The Fire”.
Song produced by Ozane of Sound Paradise Group, it is revealed in Hit by the quality of the beat, the arrangement and the final master.
Everything suggests that the Male is boiling hot and the question that arises “Who Is Your Favorite Rapper?”

The rest will be with you.