About Us


Sound Paradise Group is an audiovisual production label and an event organization structure committed to the entertainment sector. Sound Paradise Group takes on a corporate form in 2022 from its registration in the United States, Togo and Ivory Coast . The signature of the artist Ozane, who among other things is an associate of the project in 2022 with the participation of David Tayorault on the single “Ton Pied Mon Pied 2.0” in June 2022. The signing of artist Baggio from Togo and the release of the video songs “Invincible”, “Le Feu” and “Crazy” in the second half of 2022. The installation of the label’s Video structure, “Sound Paradise Movies” specializing in the production of music videos, advertising designs are activities that are done with a team of dynamic young people. The “Sound Paradise Events” project with the organization of shows and theme nights are among the upcoming activities. The objective is to bring together young people to achieve feats in a world where the image’s revolution is required in all sectors of activity. Participate in the development and entertainment is our priority.